Origin of Wendake
Mr. Robitaille played Division I hockey, 1991-1995, at Clarkson University, named team captain his senior year and led his team through several winning seasons.  After college, he continued pursuing his passion for hockey with a few years playing professional.  His hockey experiences have helped shape his business career.  Patrice is a member of Huron Wendat Nation and many of his family still reside on the Wendake reservation.  He has always values his heritage and is proud of his Native American background.  It is with great pride that Mr. Robitaille has formed Wendake Consulting, LLC.


The Turtle is the imagery of Aboriginal peoples, the turtle is associated with the great myths surrounding the creation of the earth. Slow-moving but steady and tenacious, this animal has come to symbolize both wisdom and perseverance. These two qualities are shared by the First Nations and Inuit, and have contributed towards the survival of indigenous populations for thousands of years on the American continents.  The Huron Wendat of Wendake are members of the Big Turtle Clan.

The Hand represents the presence of man - His work, his achievements and his history

The Circle an ancient and universal symbol of unity.